Demonstrating Environmental Responsibility

We understand that mining and energy production disturb the natural environment. Our general approach is to avoid environmental impacts wherever we reasonably can, and minimize, manage and remediate any remaining impacts. In this way, we can limit our impacts, seek innovative ways to support environmental protection, and steward the environment for future generations.

2020 Highlights

In early 2021, Sherritt committed to a long-term target of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and several interim targets.

Reported an overall decrease of 12% in Scope 1 GHG emissions compared to 2019 emissions, mainly due to a 24% decrease in emissions at OGP.

Reported a decrease of 92% in non-hazardous waste at OGP compared to 2019, and a 41% reduction at the Fort Site. Consequently, Sherritt achieved an overall reduction of 48% in non-hazardous waste compared to the previous year.

Developed a climate plan that includes risk and opportunity assessments, adaptation measures, measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and opportunities for innovation.

The Fort Site’s operating licence was renewed for a 10-year period by Alberta Environment and Parks.

All the joint venture tailings management facilities (TMFs) underwent annual evaluations performed by a third-party Engineer of Record and reviews by the Independent Tailings Review Board. No significant tailings-related environmental incidents were recorded.

Meet Our Employees

Angel Tapanes Ramirez Thermal engineer at Energas (Cuba)

Angel Tapanes Ramirez, who has been working with Sherritt for 18 years, currently serves as a thermal engineer within the Energas engineering team in Cuba.

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