Our Sustainability Commitments and Performance

We meet or exceed the standards where we operate and continuously improve performance.

Providing a Safe and Rewarding Workplace

Sherritt’s operations are built on a zero harm health and safety culture. We aim to minimize operational risks to our workforce and nearby communities, and engage with these stakeholders regularly on health, safety, and diversity and inclusion matters.

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Operating Ethically

To ensure that we protect our business and reputation, we commit to conducting all activities with integrity and the highest standards of responsible conduct.

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Demonstrating Environmental Responsibility

Our general approach is to avoid environmental impacts wherever we reasonably can, and minimize, manage and remediate any remaining impacts.

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Engaging Stakeholders and Benefitting Communities

We take a respectful approach to engaging with our stakeholders and supporting the development of sustainable communities.

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Supplying a Sustainable Future

Sherritt’s products have important roles to play in a sustainable future. Our products and technologies contribute to global decarbonisation and the circular economy.

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CEO Message

Our President and Chief Executive Officer, Leon Binedell, discusses our 2020 sustainability performance.

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2020 Highlights

Committed to a long-term target of achieving net carbon neutrality by 2050 and developed a climate plan to achieve the target.

Completed an independent audit of responsible production and supply policies and due diligence management systems.

Continued a partnership with Cowater and Global Affairs Canada to empower women’s leadership and participation in Cuba’s renewable energy sector.

Continued peer-leading reductions in injury rates, with a Total Recordable Incident Frequency Rate (TRIFR) decrease of 49% and a Lost Time Incident Frequency Rate (LTIFR) decrease of 63% over three years.

All the joint venture tailings management facilities underwent annual evaluations performed by a third-party Engineer of Record and reviews by the Independent Tailings Review Board.

Generated more than $500 million in economic benefits for host communities and countries.

For a summary of our 2020 Performance, please see our Five-Year Sustainability Goals and Targets.


In this report, references to “our” or “Sherritt” are to Sherritt International Corporation, together with its subsidiaries and joint ventures, and the activities we refer to may be conducted directly by Sherritt International Corporation, or indirectly by such subsidiaries and joint ventures.

Sherritt maintains mechanisms to facilitate the receipt, retention and treatment of reportable concerns and grievances.

If you have a reportable concern or grievance against Sherritt or any of its subsidiaries, you can report your issue anonymously and confidentially through the following channels maintained by the Corporation’s designated external service provider:

  1. Online: https://www.clearviewconnects.com/home
  2. Skype Audio Reporting: clearview-sherritt
  3. Telephone:
    • Toll-free (North America): +1-866-840-8702
    • Long distance: +1-416-386-5397

For concerns related to the Fort Site in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, please call +1-780-992-7000.

For more information, see the Ethical Conduct section of this report.