Operating Ethically

Case Study
Supporting Children and Youth in Madagascar
Youth involvement is one of the cornerstones of the HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infection awareness campaigns that Ambatovy oversees in communities near our operating sites.
As a public company, our overarching responsibility is to operate profitably and take advantage of opportunities to grow our business. This allows us to keep our commitments to our shareholders, employees, contractors, host-country governments and communities. Making a profit, however, is not done at any cost. To ensure that we protect our business and reputation, we commit to conducting all activities with integrity and the highest standards of responsible conduct. This includes avoiding actual and perceived conflicts of interest, having zero tolerance for corruption of any form, and respecting the rights of all people with whom we interact. We do this by rigorously implementing our Business Ethics Code, Anti-Corruption Policy and Human Rights Policy, and by ensuring that we have the systems and programs in place to bring effect to our expectations.
In 2017, we:
  • Recorded, managed and closed 12 reportable concerns related to business conduct.
  • Participated in the launch of UNICEF’s Child Rights and Security Handbook, an implementation companion to the Child Rights and Security Checklist, of which Sherritt and Ambatovy were key stakeholders in the development of the tools.