Engaging Stakeholders and Benefitting Communities

Case Study
Community Investment in Cuba
Since we began operating in Cuba more than 20 years ago, we have always invested in the development of communities near our sites.
Effective stakeholder engagement enables us to build and strengthen social license. It is crucial for building mutual understanding, support and benefits with host communities, governments, workers and business partners. For mining and energy companies like ours to be truly sustainable, we must establish and maintain productive relationships with our stakeholders and maximize the shared benefits of our activities. That is what contributes to long-term prosperity and positions those that do it well to be the partner of choice.
We take a thoughtful, sincere and ethical approach to engaging stakeholders and catalyzing the development of sustainable communities. We recognize that a significant part of our role is to help build human and institutional capacity wherever we operate so that local communities can achieve their development goals.
In 2016, we:
  • Participated in more than 750 community meetings and 236 government meetings across Sherritt
  • Recorded a more than 45% drop in the number of community grievances filed compared to the previous year, due in large part to successfully addressing the longer-term impacts of Ambatovy‚Äôs construction activities
  • Recorded 10 incidents with the potential to affect our social license. The majority involved significant worker and public safety incidents or near-hits. Eight such incidents were recorded in 2015.
  • Began implementing enterprise-wide standards for stakeholder engagement and community investment
  • Signed a joint declaration with the United Nations System in Madagascar to co-operate on areas of common interest, including: social and economic development, good governance and human rights
  • Contributed over $750 million in economic benefits to host communities and countries