Providing a Safe and Rewarding Workplace

Case Study
Safety culture assessments
As a result of the four fatalities in 2015, management introduced a strategic focus on fatality prevention and commissioned an independent external assessment of the safety culture at each operating site.
Sherritt’s operations are built on a zero harm health and safety culture. We work hard to minimize operational risks to our workforce and nearby communities, and engage with these important stakeholders regularly on matters of safety, security and emergency response. More broadly, employee engagement and development remain top priorities in ensuring we attract and retain the people critical to our business and its success.
In 2015, we:
  • Sadly experienced four fatalities at Ambatovy; we have since assessed the safety culture at all our sites with the involvement of an independent safety expert and begun implementing fatality-prevention standards
  • Met our total recordable injury frequency (TRIF) target of less than 0.50 injuries per 200,000 work hours and our lost time injury frequency (LTIF) target of less than 0.18 injuries per 200,000 work hours
  • Introduced significant potential incident tracking, investigating and reporting at all sites
  • Designed an enterprise-wide management system for security and human rights
  • Increased our employee engagement score by more than 10% from the previous survey in 2011
  • Experienced two labour strikes at Ambatovy, totalling 27 days; both were resolved without any major incidents